Why Choose Solutions4MDs?

Medical & Physician Billing and Consulting Services

When you sign with us, we’re your business partners! Operating a medical office can be a daunting endeavor requiring balance between providing quality patient care and managing administrative functions. Adding to this is the concern of increasing scrutiny from private and governmental payers over billing accuracy. You are facing higher operating costs due to federal mandates for electronic health records. You are probably being approached by a salesperson who is trying to sell you the latest software upgrade or an “all-in-one” conversion so that you can handle all the impending changes.

You are probably wondering if you should try to join a larger practice or health system because of these changes, sacrificing your autonomy in order to pass the administrative burden to someone else.

You’re partially correct, you do need to move the administrative burden outside of your office. But you can do it without eliminating your practice’s identity. That’s where we can help. Solutions4MDs can remove a large portion of the administrative burden from your office and help you streamline the functions that remain without losing control of your practice to a larger ubiquitous health system or physician organization.

We provide industry-leading software solutions through Allscripts and Advanced MD. We simplify your computer and networking needs by delivering PM system solutions to your office using the internet through your choice of cloud-based processing or terminal services connections. What this means to you is no more buying and maintaining servers, no in-office back-ups, no software upgrades, and no annual maintenance and technical support costs.

In addition to easing the computer burden, you get access to the Solutions4MDs staff and expertise. We will work with you to develop a customized package of services that will address the unique needs of your medical practice. Typically, those services include charge entry, charge scrubbing for accuracy, claims creation and submission, payment posting and denial resolution, and patient collections.

But our business partnership goes further. Cash flow is improved when efficiency is gained. Our qualified staff will collaborate with you to develop processes that will help improve the revenue cycle. From providing tools to help obtain and verify accurate patient information to speeding up charge processing, and reducing denials we can improve the functions that remain in your office while removing the huge headache of collecting on your receivables.

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