Electronic Health Records

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Solutions4MD’s highly recommends implementing an Electronic Health Record product due to the benefits in clinical performance and efficiencies gained in administrative functions.  In fact, you could face reductions in your Medicare payments if you don’t implement a certified EHR product.

Selecting electronic health record software is a choice that must address the unique needs and preferences of each practice.  Many EHR products are geared towards specific practice characteristics such as size and specialty, so you must shop carefully.

Since our main focus is handling your medical billing and optimizing cash flow, we do not impose any restrictions to any particular EHR software.  No matter what EHR product you have implemented, Solutions4MD’s can still handle your medical billing.  If you have an EHR that performs well for you we will work with your practice to achieve the highest level of efficiency possible.

We have found that certain electronic health records offer better interfacing capabilities with our billing software, if that is desired. The benefit of interfacing with our billing software is that your practice can exchange with us key information such as patient demographics and insurance information, preventing duplication of data entry functions.  Advanced interfacing capabilities can even enable transfer of billing codes from the EHR to the billing system, eliminating the need for paper-based charge capture systems.

In order to optimize interfacing capabilities, we recommend using the EHR’s that are available through the companies that provide our billing software.  Allscripts offers a completely scalable flagship product called Allscripts Professional EHR.  It is certified and provides tools and features attractive to most provider specialties.  More information can be found at AllScripts EHR.

AdvancedMD EHR is a feature-rich, web-based product that provides everything your practice needs to effortlessly manage your patient workflow with seamless integration into scheduling and billing. It is also certified.  More information is available at AdvancedMD EHR.

At Solutions4MD’s our team of professionals can help your practice with setting up electronic health records. We provide our physician billing services throughout Asheville, NC, Tampa, FL, Fayetteville, NC, Wilmington, NC, Jacksonville, FL & many other cities around the United States. Contact our office for more information today!


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