Medical Billing Services

It is our mission to utilize our knowledge and experience to assist physicians in maximizing their clinical income while successfully navigating the complex reimbursement environment created through increased regulatory initiatives from private and governmental payers.

As the healthcare environment becomes more complex, physicians are looking for qualified, competent individuals to help manage their cash flow issues. With high turnover rates and a scarcity of highly skilled medical practice staff, it is no easy task to find, train, and retain experienced staff.

Medical Billing and ConsultingIn addition, it is becoming increasingly expensive for physician practices to pay for computer systems as well as their ongoing technical support and upgrade costs. We are sure you know this, and that is why we feel we can help you.

Solutions4MDs is a medical billing company that’s been in business since 1999. We are able to provide an outsourced solution that solves all of these problems. When you work with Solutions4MDs you get immediate access to qualified, competent staff who can help you optimize your reimbursement while providing you with access to state-of-the-art practice management software.

Let us customize a package of services to meet the needs of your unique medical practice. We can also provide a variety of consulting services if you don’t choose to outsource your billing and collections functions.