Flu Shots for 2011

Fall is almost here and with it comes flu season.  As you begin to provide flu shots, please remember that Medicare has created a series of Level II HCPCS codes for reporting the specific brand of vaccine supplied.  When you are selecting your billing codes, remember that you can bill for both the administration and the supply of the vaccine.  For Medicare, you should use the following vaccine codes or it may delay your claims from being processed.

  • Q2035   Afluria
  • Q2036   FluLaval
  • Q2037   Fluvirin
  • Q2038   Fluzone
  • Q2039   Flu vaccine,  IM, not otherwise specified
  • G0008   Flu vaccine administration

Q2035, Q2036, Q2037, Q2038 and Q2039 are Influenza split virus vaccines that are administered to individuals from 3 years of age and older for intramuscular use.

For private payers, most likely you will use 90657 or 90658, and 90471 (administration) as appropriate. If you have questions about the correct code a payer uses you should contact that payer directly.

** Billing Tip **  You can alert your regular patients when your flu vaccine is available by creating a custom message on your statements.