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About Our Medical Billing Services

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope by visiting all the various pages you will learn more about the services we offer and understand our approach to providing high quality billing and consulting services. We also want you to know about the people behind the company, our history, and our approach to running Solutions4MDs Inc.

We started Solutions4MDs in 1999 after working in the academic medical center environment for several years, gaining valuable experience at Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina, and Duke University. Our responsibilities focused on the billing operations of the physician practice plans at these prestigious institutions. We were able to work closely with some of the top leaders in practice administration allowing us to gain multi-specialty experience in areas such as coding, billing, reimbursement analysis, managed care contracting, and compliance.

We saw first-hand on a large scale how systems and processes can break down and the consequences of those broken systems. In this environment, we honed our skills at process improvement and using advanced tools to solve complex problems.

It became our responsibility to stay informed of current issues, trends, and proposed changes and disseminate this information to the necessary personnel. By staying informed and putting proactive measures in place, we were able to minimize problems, which ultimately improved cash flow. Of course, at these large institutions, we found it very easy to stay informed and to take advantage of the best technologies. It is our goal to bring this knowledge and toolbox to the smaller physician practices working in the community.

It was with this understanding of current issues facing physician practices and the lack of technology being used by smaller practices that we began to hatch our plan for creating Solutions4MDs. Since its inception, Solutions4MDs has been a company completely focused on the client, looking for ways to enhance existing structure while optimizing reimbursement.

We are confident that you will find our staff and processes to be effective in addressing the smallest of details while keeping focus on the big picture. If you are looking for a fresh approach to how your revenue cycle is managed, we encourage you to contact us.